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sofia_stillness's Journal

Sofia Curtis Stillness
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Welcome to sofia_stillness a weekly icon challenge community dedicated to the amazing and fabulous Sofia Curtis.


Every week I will issue a new challenge. You have until the following week to submit your entries.

All effects (blending, textures, text, brushes, gradients, etc, etc) are allowed.
The amount of icons you may enter depends on the challenge.

Post your icon(s) in a comment on the challenge entry:



The Rules:
You must join the community to participate in the challenge.
Use the pictures provided (you can use the same picture more than once if desired)
All icons must fit LJ specifications [Less than or equal to 40K and 100x100]
Do not post your icons anywhere else until voting is finished.
No animation.

You do not have to be a member to vote. But no anonymous voting.
Do NOT vote for yourself.
You must vote for your top three icons.
Voting will take place over the weekend.

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